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What is Web Hosting? To the untaught, it is no shame that when you come across the need to have a website, you are overwhelmed by too many complex jargon thrown to you and you end up being confused and disheartened. What you would commonly hear from a newbie is their skepticism of spending for this and spending for that, and from website builders, you need this and you need that. If you are looking to learn about this subject, we need to begin from the beginning because the confusion often occurs when you are not clear about the three foundational branches that are necessary when you construct a website. Having a platform is the first thing a website builder needs and this is where coding takes place; in other words changing its composition or its structure. As an illustration think of a radio where the singer’s voice is transmitted to the listened via frequency. The platform is what takes place when the voice is being transformed or transmitted. With the use a set of codes or computer language, voice, images, and even your website structure are successfully transmitted electronically. You should also learn more of your identity or uniqueness. When you convey ownership or your address, or being who you are, you are actually giving your “domain name.” With a domain name, hosting is important because they connect your domain name to the internet so that the electronic codes of your site can be transmitted.
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The third important aspect is your ability to customize your website, which you can ask a web designer to do for you, or if you want to customize it yourself the web designer can give you a website template where all your need to do is to input graphics and content according to your own preferences.
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More people are confused with web hosting than the other two categories, so here is a brief explanation of what it is. Logistics or the system of delivering things can well be compared with web hosting. Managing, organizing, and implementing codes and data is involved in the complex operation of web hosting. What is required here is space for storage, security, a backup, and it should be capable of round the clock operation every day of the year. It also requires a bandwidth access road so that it can smoothly travel without interruptions and a high-powered computer server that is connected to the internet at very high speed so transmission and retrieval of the codes and data becomes instantaneously available to you. You will be offered a number of hosting practices or types which you can use. They are all designed for different purposes. Shared, reseller, and dedicated are the different types of web hosting that you can avail of. With a better understanding of web hosting and the other fundamentals of website building, you can better appreciate how your website functions.