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Functions of Sandblasting

Sandblasting is one of the many techniques that is used to clean surfaces through roughening. In this process, a skilled personnel operates sandblasting equipment to ‘blast’ compressed air or steam at high speed to clean various metallic floors or when etching glasses. A typical sandblasting equipment has a blaster nozzle and an air compressor that propels the fluid at high speed and pressure.

There are various types of grits with regard to the uses. These are some of the grit types commonly used; Copper and Iron Slag, shells of walnuts, Glass Beads, Crushed Glass and Aluminium Oxide. The main uses of Aluminium Oxide is for surface completion, and final preparation. Glass grit is ideal for contaminants removal on aggressive surfaces. For the plastic abrasives, they are applied to scrape off paints and various other coatings while keeping the underlying surfaces safe. when walnuts are used, they work perfectly on aggressive scraping while protecting underlying layers. Corn cobs is another grit that is used for the treatment of delicate surfaces. The substrate remains intact while the contaminants are stripped off. Steel grit is another type that is applied to rough and aggressive services making them smooth and polished.

Various industries experience rusty surfaces, machine wear and tear, burred components, surface scales and aging. This is when your company will need a sandblasting equipment to prolong the life of your machinery and tools. Sandblasting is a technique that allows for easy removal of rust and making surfaces ready for coatings and paints application. Everything that is appealing to the eye of a customer will sell faster hence the need for painting. paints can only work if the surfaces are smooth and without any contaminant. Rust will lower the performance of every machinery and can even damage it permanently if it is not removed. Sandblasting is also used on plastic components that have moulds. Cleansing of stones, concrete and brickworks requires sandblastic. The many applications has not left out the cleaning of boat hulls which utilizes the high propulsion of grits.

The problem of wear and tear on metallic components affects the shape of machineries. To improve the shape, sandblasting equipment is applied to profile it. This has been commonly used in cemeteries to engrave the monuments. With the use of sandblasting equipment, three dimensional signings are achieved which meet the needs of most customers. There are many more functions of sandblasting on artwork. These applications has extended to buildings refurbishments, where the rings on the woods in wood signage are made significant from the grains by lifting them by use of sandblasting equipment. The uses of sandblasting equipments ranges from residential beauty, resurfacing applications, commercial cleaning to industrial shaping.

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