The Ever-Growing Need for Professional Interpreters

Without benefit of modern technology, and video connections this could be a nightmare situation for the millions of foreign born people residing in the U.S. today, especially those living in rural areas where specialized services aren’t normally available. The need for Interpreters in Minnesota as well as in any other part of the United States grows by the day. All industries in the U.S., from healthcare to car sales find themselves more and more in need of qualified interpreters for understanding and clarity.

Foreign Born Now Make Up a Large Part of the U.S. Voting and Shopping Population

Since individuals that have been legally accepted into the U.S. can bring an unlimited number of relatives with them in a process known as “chain migration” the necessity for enough interpreters to handle the needs of immigrants should be obvious to anyone. In the last twelve years the immigrant population has grown by nine million, communication between the many different cultures is key to preventing chaos or misunderstandings.

Unqualified Interpreters Often Do More Harm Than Good

Imagine needing to buy a home without adequate understanding of the language of the person you are buying it from, or even worse, mis-diagnosed medical issues due to inadequate translation. Every state has laws on language access for healthcare settings and since the government pays for an interpreter’s service they will be qualified, but what about trying to buy a home? The answer is in technology. Without it, buying or selling anything in a country where you don’t know the language can be a very risky venture.

Quite a few immigrants live in rural areas for a very simple reason. Until they can settle in and move forward in life, working in agriculture is a good option to care for themselves and their families. This is where technology and online interpretation services step up and make their lives that much easier by enabling them to avoid long trips when clear communication is necessary.

Keep This in Mind

Anyone in need of interpretation/translation services should bear in mind that not all providers are as qualified as they may appear. People who can’t afford to be mis-understood need to use caution when arranging for service. Research and verification of a provider’s credentials is highly recommended to avoid the kind of mistakes that could lead to any number of difficulties. There are those in any society that will take advantage of another’s situation, but as understanding grows, their opportunities to do so shrink accordingly.

Lack of understanding or knowledge of a specific language does not constitute ignorance, and neither does asking for help with communication make one weak, it makes them stronger. No one would want to trust an unqualified or inexperienced doctor with something as important as their health, or their finances to an institution with a bad reputation. Without the services of someone they fully understand to lead them through a conversation, the chances for a successful conclusion are slim, and this is exactly why interpreters have become such an important part of today’s United States.