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Best Practices of Using a Cigar Humidor

Humidor is a box or bag that is used to store cigars at the right moisture content and conducive temperature. The ideal temperature for storing cigars is around 700F , which is similar to the tropical temperature the cigar were rolled at. In the tobacco leaves there are oil that should not absorb moisture thus the temperature should be constantly maintained to ensure there are no emissions. Like wine, cigars do age with time and these does not happen when it is rolled but rather it starts once the tobacco has been harvested and dried for 30 days so as to remove chlorophyll. All the cigar manufacturers can agree that cigars do age with time and end up having better flavor than they had when leaving the company for shipping or when stored in humidors in our homes.The aging of cigar do add better flavor as time goes by may it be during shipment or storage in humidors in the house, these is a fact that any cigar producer can confirm to be true.

There are some solutions used to preserve cigars and definitely you will require a thermometer and a hygrometer. For a large humidors you will need an electronic humidifier. However, the solution used in the humidifier is just as important as having the electronic device. To preserve the cigars in the best quality possible it is prudent not to use distilled water. Instead you should use a solution of both distilled water and propylene glycol like a cigar humidification solution.

The reason behind using a cigar humidification solution rather than distilled water is that, while you take the distilled water there are some two ways in which the humidification solution works unlike distilled water. When the humidor becomes dry the propylene glycol releases absorbed moisture into the area. However, when there is too much humidity the propylene solution glycol absorbs the excess moisture keeping the environment stable.
Also the propylene solution helps in the inhibition of mold in the humidor, in situations where humidors are not well maintained the mold may grow. For good quality cigars mold must be controlled if their quality is to be retained. Mold can be very stressful to deal with in a humidor so preventing its establishment in a humidor in the first place is crucial.

Tobacco contains nicotine which happens to be a component of cigars and come along with some advantages. Some advantages of tobacco are; socially – in friendships and in war, fertility promotion in the soil and courtship – in spirituality to find origins and in large doses is able to stimulate the brains functioning and increase vision. There could be a relationship between better brain functionality of smoking of nicotine.

To maintain the most perfect conditions in a humidor it is recommendable you use a digital hygrometer, an analog will work but the readings will be less precise. In cases the humidity seal is not working properly you should check the humid levels more frequently or if you are in dry areas.

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