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Telecommunications: A Quick Guide The technology of telecommunications has changed over the years. The traditional ways of sending messages included; use of smoke, drum beating and horns. This types of telecommunications were less effective as compared to today. The message transmitters had to cover long distances to reach a bigger number of people. In addition, they were exposed to harsh environmental factors such as too much sun. Reaching everyone was quite a challenge, this made this method ineffective. Nowadays, the technology has made things to change. There are so many benefits that have accrued due to the technology of telecommunications. The word telecommunication has its adaptation from Greek. “Tele” which means over the distance and communicate which means to share. In general, telecommunication refers to the ability to share information over a distance. There are three basic components that make the process of communication possible, the transmitter, the medium and the receiver. Among the basic components of telecommunications are; the transmitter, the medium, and the receiver. The functions of these three is to process information from the sender to the receiver and back to the sender again as feedback. Some of the telecommunication systems include telephone network, radio broadcasting system, computer networks and the internet. Telecommunications have proved useful most importantly to businesses. The following are some of the reasons. The most essential tool for any firm is communication. It is not only useful in giving instructions but also orders. The seniors give orders to the junior staff and expect them to follow. In addition, giving questions and answers is effective with telecommunications. This technology allows you to gather information from websites concerning your goods, analyze and later give feedback. Acts as storage for future use. This ensures that you do not lose important information. It is also very reliable to communicate to suppliers, clients, and employees.
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The productivity of a firm has also been made possible. This is because, customers can order for goods using their phones and internet. Sometimes customers do not face the challenge of cancelling orders if need be. Costs of transportation are not incurred. The employees do not need to travel to a specific location for work; they can choose to work from anywhere. This way, you save on space costs. You are relieved the burden of working with so many employees. Telecommunications has made working easy. It is possible for an employee to attend to many customers at a go. This technology saves time. Tiring procedures of face to face communications have been discouraged. Immediate responses that did not exist have now been made easy.
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Globalization has made people from all over the world are linked together by this technology. Reaching to customers from all over the world has been made easy. Having tiring meetings with customers and clients has been cut off. This has allowed business to sell most of their products online. There are a thousand orders and shipping made possible by use of the internet. This has made the world to look like a small village. Other than being sure of security, less manpower and resources are put in. Telecommunication services have made businesses to grow.