Luxury Italian Watches and Features

There are many elegant features in Italian luxury watches that should not go unnoticed. One famous Italian brand and manufacturer is Panerai. The well-known Italian company centers its work around one trait: constant pursuit of excellence. Its founder opened his first shop and watchmaking school in Florence, Italy. Another interesting fact about the company is that it supplied the Royal Italian Navy with watches that would persist in extreme conditions.

Today, they create simple, yet sophisticated watch designs paired with a quality leather wristband, which is signature in all of their product lines. Nonetheless, their products may be expensive but will pass the test of time and worth the price.

Generally, Italian luxury watches are for the fashion savvy and often 100% authentic. Every watch is unique like the story it tells. There are many different styles: automatic, casual, ceramic, digital, sports and luxury to name a few.

Another authentic Italian brand with original style is Anonimo. The company’s focus is to promote the art of Bronze since 1997. Coincidentally, its founder once collaborated with the Panerai brand. The company’s traits are focused on three elements: elegance, excellence and strength of patented inventions. They have many unique products in their lines of watches that fall into one of four categories: sporty styles, vintage, nautical and more sophisticated. In addition, the watch shopper will not be disappointed because the company has an original philosophy that believes that “a watch should not be worn as a brand status but as a expression of the personality of the wearer”.

There is a total of four collections offered by Anonimo. The Militare collection is “a warm and bold style” with one line of watches that reflects strong masculine character paired with attractive designs that feature white, black, grey, color designs paired with leather strap. The Nautilo Collection features “bold hues and sharp styles” with one line of watches that offer a large watch design, slim calf leather strap, bronze and steel designs paired with a modern, contemporary interface. Next, the Epurato Collection offers more “casual styles” with one line of watches that come in Steel or Bronze watch design with sand, green, blue, white or black color options. Last, the Limited-Edition Collection offers “Classic and modern styles” and offer two lines of watches that are the Automatic Line which is sporty and bright colored, while the Chrono Line is classic gold watches with camouflage design and leather strap. WatchShopping can be a unique experience when it comes to Italian luxury watches.

The features and benefits of Italian Luxury watches that sets them apart from other watches are the quality, distinctness in style and authenticity in the manufacturing. Also, they are the perfect unique gift for any special occasion and will create an experience to the wearer that will last a lifetime. The experience is also a beneficial part of buying a watch because you can get an inside look on what is currently popular in the market and the luxuries available.