Look Years Younger by Using the Right Products

Many people have the goal to use products that help their skin look younger. Years of time in the sun and failure to follow a smart beauty routine can take its toll on anyone’s skin – both men and women. The good news is, there are now countless, dermatologist approved products that can help brighten eyes, smooth fine lines, zap zits and more. Learning about the products that are available can help a person achieve their goal of more beautiful, younger looking skin.

Vitamin A

An extremely effective anti-aging vitamin to use is Vitamin A. this is found in a number of forms, including prescription retinoid and over-the-counter retinols. This ingredient is the closest that a person is going to get to having the “Fountain of Youth” in their medicine cabinet. Vitamin A, which is found in many retinol products, is the only topical that has been approved by the FDA for treating wrinkles and fine lines. Regular use of Vitamin A can also correct issues of epidermal atrophy, which is the thinning of the skin.

Vitamin D

Often referred to as the “sunshine” vitamin, this has been used in medications for a number of years for the treatment of psoriasis. This is because it helps to ease issues related to inflammation. Now it is also offered in skin care products. Vitamin D helps to modulate the control of the growth of skin cells, calms the immune system and reduces skin cell proliferation.


Even though it is best known as the ingredient in milk that helps with bone strength, it also offers a number of skin benefits. Calcium can help to regulate cell turnover. It does this by stimulating certain types of enzymes that provide plumper skin. Also, calcium will help improve the skin barrier function, which will protect the skin against any invading pathogens while locking in moisture.

If a person is trying to achieve healthier, more youthful skin, then using products with these ingredients can be beneficial. Taking the time to find the right products will help anyone achieve better-looking skin. Use the tips and information here to guide the search for the right items.