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The Major Types of Hydraulic Cylinders in the Market

The simple principle of hydraulics, has seen a variety of machines being manufactured with different levels of capacities, and as a result, their applications have been taken to another level. In cylinder hydraulics, there is a powerful force created which involve actions of the pistons, and oil in the cylinders

The applications of the principle are countless.Because of hydraulic cylinders, land transportation has been enhanced since the machines can be used in drilling roads and in constructing lines for trains to pass through, even in areas which it seems almost impossible.Also, space ships, air crafts and airbuses are made using hydraulic cylinders in controlling landing and balancing on air.The hydraulic cylinders have also made a significant contribution towards exploitation of the forestry resources.A number of special vehicles used in commercial and residential service delivery use hydraulic cylinders.There are however, four types of hydraulic cylinders for your application.

The first type of hydraulic machines you will get are the ones with single motion of force.As the name suggests, with single hydraulic cylinders, the acting of the force takes one direction.Their applications are suitable in operations which involve gravity and weight which is intended to more to a single direction.There are numerous numbers of operations in both commercial and industrial industries, that applications single hydraulic cylinders can be made. The single acting cylinders continue to be put into use in a very fast and robust way.You will find single acting cylinders to be the cheapest among the rest of the hydraulic cylinders.

Another type of hydraulic cylinder, with great applications are the double-acting.Unlike with single acting cylinders, the double acting cylinders use pressure working in two directions.Also, the double acting cylinders are used in a variety of operations owing to their double force characteristic.What is unique with double acting cylinders is their ability to enhance speed, make controlling and stopping easy including applications of that require assistance of gravity and weight.

The third one is piggyback cylinders.The piggyback cylinders have these exclusive feature of double cylinders, whose capacity has been enhanced to work towards two directions, though opposite to one another.They are suitable in applications which have a limited amount of space, but require long stokes.

The market is also stocked with telescopic hydraulic cylinders which are unique in their own way.This one is made available in both single acting and double acting. Just like with Piggyback cylinders, the telescopic cylinder can work in a limited space, while making long strokes on being collapsed.Above all, the telescopic cylinders have made a range of applications amazingly possible.

The four types of hydraulic cylinders come in a range of standards which are able to transform the commercial and industrial sectors.

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