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Improving Payroll Management through Mobile Automatic Data Processing More and more businesses today are employing mobile automatic data processing solutions that allow everyone in the company to stay connected to vital human resource information anytime, anywhere. Of course, one of the most important goals of using this application is improving payroll management functions. For any small business, processing payroll is often such a complex and time-consuming job. So many things make up payroll functions, including among others, determining wages and withholding taxes, updating sick and vacation pays, and so on. As a business owner or manager, consider using a mobile automatic data processing solution to improve your payroll management functions. Below are the benefits you can expect specifically:
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1. Save Time
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Manual payroll processing uses up a lot of time. With a mobile ADP solution, you can free up staff time to engage in more important profit-raising activities. 2. Diminish Costs The direct costs involved in processing payroll can be dramatically cut down if a mobile ADP solution is used. Based on research, a small business employing ten people will usually spend some $2,600 annually in direct labor costs related to payroll. 3. Steer Clear of IRS Penalties Records from the IRS show 40 percent of small businesses are penalized up to $845 per year due to late or erroneous filings and payments. Most mobile ADP solution providers provide a tax guarantee, meaning you will not pay penalties as the provider will take responsibility for them, if any. In so many instances, this cost-saving right away justifies using the solution. 4. Relieve Stress It can’t be denied: manual payroll processing is a nightmare at work. Business owners who use a mobile ADP solution are freed of a tiresome job. 5. Provide Direct Deposit Direct deposit is hard to offer if a company hasn’t adopted a mobile ADP solution. More than ever, small businesses now recognize that direct deposit is preferred by employees. For them, not needing to drive to the bank is an essential convenience. More importantly, for business owners or managers, the time-consuming and flaw-prone paper handling and requirement to reconcile separate payroll checks monthly, are all erased from the picture by direct deposit. 6. Take Advantage of Payroll Specialty Most business owners and managers have no time to update themselves with perennially changing government rules and forms. By using a mobile ADP solution, a small business can take full advantage of the expertise that was once available true for big companies. 7. Prevent Leakage of Payroll Knowledge As soon as your bookkeeper gets a new job, they will exit your company with knowledge of how you do your payroll processes. Using a mobile ADP solution, you will be able to remove that business risk.