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Features of Kwikset Kevo

We have good locking systems these days that indeed give us and our possessions the much needed protection, yet these locking systems can also give us the biggest problems especially when we ourselves get locked out from our own homes and when we get locked out of our cars when we are just about to drive home from work.

There have been variant designs and improvements that took place since this type of locking system was first created, like bump resistance, key control -so that most high security locks take precautions to make sure that common blanks found at many locksmiths and hardware stores are not available, thus making it much harder to get a key duplicated. Most of these locks are pick resistant, drill resistant, force resistant, but when it comes to losing one’s keys, there is very little that has been done to solve the problem. But there is one which is a combination lock which uses a sequence of numbers or symbols to open the lock. With combination locks the problem of losing the key is discarded because it is not like a regular padlock that uses keys.

Today, the latest invention is introduced by Kwikset which is the second generation Kevo Touch to Open Smart Lock. This I believe is truly a second generation innovation when it comes to keyless locks since instead of using a key, you’ll use your finger to unlock doors using the Unikey Technology. This new technology can lock and unlock doors by simply using an authorized user’s fingers to do so. This is done using a compatible smartphone or tablet app that is within range that can detect an authorized user and is able to lock and unlock the doors. In other words, the deadbolt lock senses when the user’s phone is nearby. So, for added security, once the Bluetooth signal has been emitted, the user still needs to touch the face of the lock to open or lock it. It is also possible to grant unrestricted or temporary access to other phones as well.
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Another feature of the Kevo technology are the guest ekeys which sets day and time schedule constraints from your phone. There is another feature of this technology which is its inside/outside intelligence where the verified device can be detected if it is currently inside or outside the home. If the authorized device is known to be inside the house, then unauthorized users are not able to activate the Kevo from outside.
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Another feature of this keyless locking device is that electronic keys can be shared through the associated kevo app which allows home access for other family members, friends, and guests. This app will provide lock notifications and activity history so home owners can keep tabs on who’s entering and leaving. Its ability to integrate with other devices like thermostats, doorbell, etc. will enable you to integrate a smart home that starts at the door.