Ensuring People Are Handled Fairly Under the Law Is Not Easy

Despite the fact that criminal justice is designed to wind up being blind, it’s not always the scenario. For instance, during a recent court case in Georgia, an all-white jury found a dark-colored man responsible for homicide. The Supreme Court grew to be involved with this situation and determined that the prosecutors kept African Americans from helping in the jury in his case. Remarkably, seven members of the top courtroom in the nation felt there seemed to be prejudice, with Clarence Thomas, the sole African American on the court, dissenting. Thomas felt there had been enough proof to sustain the jury’s decision. Aric Cramer attorney highlighted this case on his firm’s Facebook web page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aric-Cramer-Attorney-at-Law/490400164350504) to show that most judges can not agree on the identical part of a court case, resulting in particular offenders being found guilty and others released with the exact same data. This definitely should never be the case. Everyone should receive reasonable treatment under the laws, and Aric Cramer having a position on the board of the National Criminal Defense Association will allow him to work to make certain this is how it truly is. It will require modifications be generated, however he’s prepared to fight to see these modifications put into law. The judicial system is really a frightening place. When folks can be found liable for a criminal offense they truly didn’t commit, it is even scarier. This should never be the way it is in America.