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Be More Secure With CCTV Cameras Around There is a type of security system that involves the use of video camera or CCTV camera and this is called closed-circuit television. The main objective of this security system is to transmit a signal to television monitors or sets to tighten up security in an area. The signal in CCTV is not openly transmitted as compared to the broadcast television and this is its main difference. For the main use of surveillance, the CCTV systems employ the point to point wireless links. Where security has to be tightened such as banks, casinos, airports, shopping malls, military installations, army bases and others, these camera security systems are used. Several industrial plants use these cameras not only for security surveillance but also to observe the parts of processes that are remote. They have a control room for the continuous monitoring of the CCTV systems not only for the whole operation or area but also for specific locations. It was in 1942 when the first CCTV system was installed in Germany. The CCTV cameras were used then to observe the launching off of the V2 rockets. With the use of these CCTV cameras, the flight of the rockets were recorded, and would help them get possible causes of malfunctions just in case an unfortunate will happen. Especially for larger rockets, camera systems are usually installed. With this camera system, the various stages of separation of a rocket will be taken pictures and these are sent back to earth through radio linkages. The launch pad is also observed with the use of CCTV systems even before the launching.
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Because some processes in a chemical plant for example are harmful to humans, the CCTV camera systems are used to observe or supervise these processes. Other facilities like interior of reactors, or facilities for the production of nuclear fuel and others are among the processes that are supervised using the camera system.
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The law also would make it mandatory for an establishment to install depending on the security it needs like special government facilities and banks. The practicality of this camera system is becoming popular that this is also used for home security, plus the fact that it is simple and not that expensive to install that any home can avail of. Other means of security like spy cameras have been overtaken by the CCTV security system as the next big way for the general security scene. The CCTV cameras are and will continue to have new developments and technologies to enhance its purpose as the greatest security solution that anybody all over the world can install and use. CCTV is made more affordable nowadays, and so both large and small companies and even homes are installing this system as a solution to their security needs.