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Two Tips to Keep in Mind Before Hiring an ERP Consulting Partner

For an ERP implementation project to be successful, you cannot do everything in-house. The best way to handle an ERP project is by involving an external consulting partner. This is important for a number of reasons. For example, your internal teams may lack the technical expertise to successfully implement the project. Moreover, hiring an external partner may be necessary to ensure the ERP system is implemented within a specific time.

You can hire different ERP consulting partners to handle the implementation of the new solution for your organization. However, do not simply hire the first consulting company you come across without a second thought. To find the right consulting partner to work with, you need to research well. The right partner will guide you through the technical steps and organization required to make the ERP implementation successful.

If you are looking or the best ERP consulting partner, start your search online. You can also find out from the ERP provider whether there are local, certified consulting firms that understand the solution and can successfully implement it for your organization. Finally, there are also many resellers and independent consultants that can successfully implement your project.

When choosing an ERP consultant, the most important thing to consider about them is their capability. The success of an ERP implementation project will mainly depend with the consulting partner you choose. Below are two important factors you should consider before hiring an ERP consulting firm.

Experience in ERP Implementation
It is important to inquire about the experience of the ERP consulting company you are evaluating. Among the things you should find out is what kind of certifications the firm has. However, you cannot know whether or not a company has experience in ERP implementation by solely considering certifications. Look for a partner that has handled ERP implementation projects that are similar in scale to yours. Find out whether the company you want to hire has experience in implementing the type of ERP you want for your organization.

It is important to find out about some projects that the consulting company you want to work with has handled in the past. You can contact some clients that the company has worked for in the past to find out about their experience. Also, find out about the exact roles that the consulting partners played in the implementation.

Methodology that the Consulting Company Follows
Another important factor to consider is the methodology and tools that the ERP consultant uses. In most cases, an ERP consulting firm is bound to have specific methodologies to ensure the projects it undertakes end up being successful. The tools and methodologies should help in expediting the ERP implementation process.

Find out what specific methodologies the partners you are evaluating use to implement ERP solutions.

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