3 Reasons to Print Copies of Your Invoices

With the convenience of online invoicing, even for small businesses and freelance entrepreneurs, it makes sense that you might not worry about printing out invoices. However, there could be reasons to invest in a printer or head to a copy shop that will print invoices for you, even if you largely contact clients by email and collect payment via Paypal or online credit card transactions. While you needn’t print out every invoice, consider the situations in which you might.


One benefit of a multi-faceted online invoicing service such as http://www.aynax.com/ is that printing is as easy as can be, so long as your computer or smartphone is on a network with a printer. If you don’t own a printer, head to a copy shop, office supply store or library to print from there. When it comes time to file taxes, your accountant will benefit from a paper record of your paid and unpaid invoices. This is especially true if you’re eventually audited.

Delinquent Clients

Mailing a paper copy of your invoice via registered mail protects your business legally in the event of any lawsuit against a delinquent client. If you have difficulty getting a client to pay via an online invoice, send a copy through the mail, too. That way, when you eventually send a letter saying the payment is past due, you’ll have proof that satisfies any court of law that you did properly communicate with the client and alert him of due dates, even if the client denies it and claims he never received an invoice.

Check Payments

Although there are fewer clients who rely exclusively on check payments, they do exist – and in many cases, the check-writers are other businesses. By insisting on online payment, you limit your potential pool of clientele. While it’s true that debit cards act similarly to checks and debit cards can be used online, some clients will only pay with paper checks. If you want their business, it’s best to print and mail a paper invoice.

With the right online invoicing service, you can send invoices by email, keep track of payments and print out invoices easily. You may not wind up having to rely on the printing feature, but it’s nice to know it’s there for those circumstances that may come up. Plus, since you can add your own logo, the print outs and the emailed invoices alike will look professional, so you can feel confident any invoices you send will get your client’s attention.