Month: June 2017

Facebook Features

   1. Facebook is a free social networking website created by Mark Zuckerberg. Originally a Harvard University student site, it is currently open to anyone with an e-mail account What is Facebook
2. It is a place in which to interact through a user profile with other users called friends, groups or pages through a news timeline in which we will share states and where we will see those of our friends, and other applications Communication.
3. Services offered by Facebook Friends: it is a way to locate friends with whom the contact was lost or to add new ones with whom to exchange photos or messages, the Facebook service helps you to find them and also suggests others. Groups: is one of the most recent developments. It is about bringing together people with common interests. In groups you can add photos, videos, messages
4. Wall: The wall or wall is a space in each user profile that allows friends to write messages for the user to see. Only visible to registered users, wall allows you to enter images and put any type of logo types in your publication. Pages: they are created with specific aims, only that in these there are no discussion forums and they are directed towards specific marks or personages, but not towards any type of summons.
5. Photos: Facebook allows to upload photos, share and tag them Applications: These are special programs, anyone with programming knowledge can develop applications Games: most applications found in Facebook relate to games
6. Button I like: This function appears at the bottom of each publication made by the user or his contacts (status updates, shared content, etc.), is characterized by a small icon in the form of a hand with the thumb towards above. It allows to assess if the content is to the liking of the current user in the social network, in the same way the person who originally exposed that subject is notified if it is to the liking of someone else (some of their contacts). I like it
7. Why be on Facebook Build a brand. Facebook is a great showcase, provided that in that window are your prospects, of course. Hence, using Facebook simply as a brand advertising tool, to make it known, can be very beneficial.
8. Advertising. Although related to the above, one thing would be to generate the idea of ​​a brand and another, quite different, is to advertise our products. Facebook allows us to use your Promoted Publications or simple and direct ads to our online store or our website where we can advertise the products or services that we have for sale.
9. Communication. Pure and hard. It is obvious that the relationship between customers and companies has changed. Maybe you have not done it yet, but you can see that now, if you want to have a presence, you need a two-way channel from which our customers can talk to us.
10. And what is a Me Gusta? The multiplier effect. This is basically a simple equation: If your fan page has 400 I like and each of those people who have become fans of your brand has an average of 130 friends, your company COULD come with their publications or with their Ads to more than 50,000 people.
11. The relevance of the “friend”. Still, if we reached those 50,000 people in any form and manner, it would not be the same. What changes everything is the fact that whoever makes that mark appear before your eyes is a friend. The power, therefore, resides in that the transmission of the knowledge of the brand is made “between friends”, which gives much more value to that recommendation.
12. How do I get on Facebook pages? To begin with, we must have a colorful Facebook page with useful information for your readers, customers and a good plan of updates. Another interesting action is to write some really interesting information that makes your readers share it with your social network and create the viral . This is the best option and the most difficult of all.

    13. • If you choose to give yourself time, then start participating. It is not a matter of generating likes for me, but of maintaining a dialogue with your prospects. Talk about things that interest you not only in your business but in the lifestyle or culture of your sector. For example, if you are a baker you can talk about your company and also about the history of bread, its processes, its types, etc.
14. Use attractive photos, but not cats or things that are endearing. Photos relevant to your business or your own company, showing it exactly how it is inside. Be a bit funny but also serious

Facebook ‘Likes’ reveal user characteristics

Likes in the social network could predict personal aspects of users such as sexual orientation, religion, age or even race. A study carried out on Facebook reveals that through the ‘likes’ of users you can identify aspects such as sexual orientation, religion, age or even race. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed, using algorithms, a way to predict from their tastes in the social network the personality of the person. The research, published in the magazine PNAS, has had the participation of 58,000 volunteers, who have allowed the analysis of their ‘Like’ on Facebook. The likes on this button served to feed algorithms that matched the information provided to personality tests. From these algorithms results were extracted with 88 percent accuracy for determining male sexuality, 95 percent accuracy in determining race, and 85 percent for differentiating between Republicans and Democrats.

Christians and Muslims were correctly classified in 82 percent of cases and the status of relationship and substance abuse was predicted with an accuracy of 65 percent and 73 percent. As for specific tastes, ‘I like’ reveal that less than 5 percent of users click on obvious gay content, such as gay marriage, for example. These algorithms also add large amounts of data in terms of personalized tastes like music or television programs, allowing you to create a lot of personal profiles. The study will be of great help to social media companies interested in making more money through personalized marketing. Despite this, researchers have warned that people’s digital profiles are creating privacy threats.

Analytics metrics provide data about visitors to a web page, location, language, average time of a visit, etc. This information no longer surprises the digital community. But what about revealing your personal information through the “Like” button on Facebook?

Recently, researchers at the University of Cambrigde developed a measurement system that reveals the personal data of each user for every 100 clicks on the successful “Like” button, an extremely popular language in social networks. This research demonstrates that we leave a fingerprint on the web so latently that it is possible to predict clearly and automatically a succession of personal singularities such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, personality traits, political and religious beliefs, Happiness, intelligence, separation of parents, gender and age or even the use of addictive substances.

Researchers at the Cambridge Psychometrics Center, in cooperation with Microsoft Research Cambridge, conducted a “Like” analysis and demographic profiles of more than 58,000 Facebook Facebook volunteers as well as psychometric test results from the MyPersonality application. The program allowed to demonstrate, in 95% of the cases, the race of the people, the sexual identity of 85% of the users and the political ideology of 85 of every 100 users.

Likes clicks analysis is based on tacit attributes rather than on explicit preferences, for example, less than 5% of homosexual users evidenced their approval of gay marriage. This reveals that the precise predictions are invoked by deductions in the aggregation of large amounts of tastes and in popular information, such as musical tastes, television programs, etc.

The researchers highlight the great potential for personalized marketing that can mean a revolution in psychological assessment that, according to this research, could be carried out on an unprecedented scale and without expensive evaluation centers and questionnaires.

However, scientists also warn of user privacy threats and actions as “harmless” as following a musical group and expressing our support or rejection of a publication or a photograph, can reveal in a concise way traits Of the personality that, perhaps, we would not like that they were so visible.

Facebook assiduous user David Stillwell of Cambridge University confesses that he will continue to use the largest social network but also says he “could be more careful about using the privacy settings that Facebook offers.”Read the rest

Welders and Welding Equipment in Perth

Welding equipment is one of the most expensive parts of any large construction job. Your company is trusting its staff to the gear that you are given, and you must find something that is safe for all to use. This article explains how to find the proper gear, why it should be rented not purchased, and how to train your staff on this gear.

Do You Have Certified Welders?

Certified welders are the backbone of almost every large industry. Welders are those who have trained to work on massive projects from oil rigs to skyscrapers, and they know how to use any welding equipment that is put in front of them. You need not consult with the welders perth crew you’ve hired before the work begins because they know how to use all welding gear you have found.

Rent Your Gear

You may rent your gear for a lower amount of money than buying, and you may have the gear delivered to any location. People who work with welding may order large kits that are required, or you may order a small kit that is meant to be used in a single house or office. The rental package does not last that long, and you may use the equipment for a few hours before it is returned. A rental agent may take back the items for you, and they deliver to any new location if you are routinely renting. The rental agent gets to know you, and they send you the best equipment for the job based on your requests.

How Much Do You Pay?

You may cut back on your costs by asking the company for a reduced rate. The company may show you how to rent multiple welding kits, and it is wise for you to ask them for a bulk rate. There are many rental packages that cost a fraction of what it costs to buy the unit, and you may ask the people working on your staff which they prefer to use. You may work with a company that sees you as a preferred customer, and they let you know that you may receive a preferred rate. It is simpler for you to use the gear when it did not cost so much, and you do not feel as though you are giving up too much money to have the work done.

Welding Is Not Always Necessary

You may not need a welder on every job. It is important for you to use welding gear that is as cheap as possible, and you may work out a relationship with a company that knows your business. Your welders can use anything that you rent, and it helps you get more jobs done quickly. Your business is much more efficient, and you may have welding done that would have cost a fortune using gear that you were forced to buy. Complete a short rental to get welding done and move on to the next step of construction.… Read the rest

The Ever-Growing Need for Professional Interpreters

Without benefit of modern technology, and video connections this could be a nightmare situation for the millions of foreign born people residing in the U.S. today, especially those living in rural areas where specialized services aren’t normally available. The need for Interpreters in Minnesota as well as in any other part of the United States grows by the day. All industries in the U.S., from healthcare to car sales find themselves more and more in need of qualified interpreters for understanding and clarity.

Foreign Born Now Make Up a Large Part of the U.S. Voting and Shopping Population

Since individuals that have been legally accepted into the U.S. can bring an unlimited number of relatives with them in a process known as “chain migration” the necessity for enough interpreters to handle the needs of immigrants should be obvious to anyone. In the last twelve years the immigrant population has grown by nine million, communication between the many different cultures is key to preventing chaos or misunderstandings.

Unqualified Interpreters Often Do More Harm Than Good

Imagine needing to buy a home without adequate understanding of the language of the person you are buying it from, or even worse, mis-diagnosed medical issues due to inadequate translation. Every state has laws on language access for healthcare settings and since the government pays for an interpreter’s service they will be qualified, but what about trying to buy a home? The answer is in technology. Without it, buying or selling anything in a country where you don’t know the language can be a very risky venture.

Quite a few immigrants live in rural areas for a very simple reason. Until they can settle in and move forward in life, working in agriculture is a good option to care for themselves and their families. This is where technology and online interpretation services step up and make their lives that much easier by enabling them to avoid long trips when clear communication is necessary.

Keep This in Mind

Anyone in need of interpretation/translation services should bear in mind that not all providers are as qualified as they may appear. People who can’t afford to be mis-understood need to use caution when arranging for service. Research and verification of a provider’s credentials is highly recommended to avoid the kind of mistakes that could lead to any number of difficulties. There are those in any society that will take advantage of another’s situation, but as understanding grows, their opportunities to do so shrink accordingly.

Lack of understanding or knowledge of a specific language does not constitute ignorance, and neither does asking for help with communication make one weak, it makes them stronger. No one would want to trust an unqualified or inexperienced doctor with something as important as their health, or their finances to an institution with a bad reputation. Without the services of someone they fully understand to lead them through a conversation, the chances for a successful conclusion are slim, and this is exactly why interpreters have become such an important part of today’s United States.

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Getting the Loan That You Need for The Small Business You Are Starting


When you are looking for opportunities to start a small business you need to get plugged into all the resources that you can acquire. The biggest thing that you are going to struggle with is money for funding the business. This may be the reason why you need to take a look at sba loans greeley co as soon as something is available. You need to know that there are opportunities to get a loan based on the type of business that you have. It may result in a much better platform for your business if you can get the loan so that you can make it better plans to market your business. The money that you get to fund your business is going to be pivotal to the money that you are able to make. If you do not have proper funds in place for marketing the business becomes even harder for you to create the type of platform that will allow you to make money.

Getting A Business Started

Tell your is a level of exposure that you are going to need to get your business off the ground. You need to have someone that is willing to back you and help you get started. If you are selling products you are going to spend money on these products and hope to gain a return on investment. If you are someone that is putting everything into your business you may not have money that you can lose in order to start the business. This is why the concept of loans
for small business is are important. You need to take your time and educate yourself about money and how you can acquire funds to get your business started.

Don’t Risk Your Own Money

It has been said that more than half of businesses that are started for the first time by entrepreneurs are going to fail. You do not need to risk everything by putting your own money out there and losing it. You need to have a plan where you acquire a loan. This may take more time than you expected, but it is going to be in your best interest to make sure that you consider this with a multitude of different banking institutions.

Try, Try Again

The key to getting a loan is being persistent. You need to have a game plan where you are okay with the rejection. It is inevitable that you may get rejected for the first loan that you apply for. This should not be something that deters you. It should motivate you to look at the possibilities of trying other banking institutions.

There are times where you will need to look at what online banking institutions are doing. These may be better ways for you to acquire the loan that you are looking for. When you have a small business you need to remember that there is always more than one option when it comes to getting money.

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