10 Key Financial Freedom by Robert Kiyosaki

You probably already know Robert Kiyosaki. The best book in the world titled ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ he wrote to review all of the key financial freedom that must be owned by everyone. In this article, trying to review it back.

Financial freedom is a dream for every person in the world. People who have achieved financial freedom no longer fear the financial crisis could make the poor. Financial freedom is achieved with passive income that exceeds the cost of living and everyday lifestyle. If you need a loan, please check this http://www.top4creditcards.com/ for your need. This loan will help you more.

Therefore, many people are looking for a teacher – the best teachers teach financial freedom. Leading financial educators Robert Kiyosaki, in his phenomenal book entitled Rich Dad Poor Dad uncover the secrets of the best in the world of financial freedom. From his experience as an entrepreneur, investor and one of the leading financial experts in the world, here is the key to financial freedom from Robert Kiyosaki:

  1. Take Full Responsibility
    At this point, Kiyosaki said, everyone should dare to be responsible for their own balance sheet. So, you need to be responsible for any purchase or sale decisions that affect the balance sheet. You should be aware of any decisions taken will affect the financial plan in the future. For example, when you buy an apartment at this time would be different results in the future compared to you buy the car now.
  2. Control Spending
    We live in an age in which humans are very consumptive. The big challenge to rein in spending on consumer age now but you are required to learn how to control your spending. You to set spending habits greatly affect your financial balance. Therefore, you need to think many times before spending your money. In the beginning, you will feel quite heavy but long – long you will get used to control expenditure, which in turn have a positive impact on the dream of financial freedom.
  3. Budget It is Important
    Make a budget and spend within budget is critical to achieving financial freedom in the future. Budget constraints will give you manage your income and control your expenses. If you want to control your financial account, the budget is a tool to achieve your goals.
  4. Pay Yourself
    The purpose of the above statement is that you need to save some of the money. The purpose of saving here is to make you richer and prevent you from becoming poorer. You better save than you busy repaying credit card or other loan repayments. Only by saving now, you can invest in the future.
  5. Never Owe
    Debt is one of the reasons of the failure concerns the balance sheet. The debt will eat away your dreams. Try to be debt-free and try to commit to a life without debt. Debt free is a requirement if you want to achieve financial freedom.
  6. Provide Emergency Funds
    Contingency funds here means enough money to live for 3 months. The purpose of an emergency fund is to make sure you do not owe when an unwanted event occurs. With the emergency fund, you will be more peaceful in life. The best way to provide emergency funds is opening a new account and start saving to save an emergency fund.
  7. Never Stop Learning
    You need to continue to add new knowledge in the financial industry and how the industry works. You need to increase the financial knowledge as much – much. You can start by studying the topic in advance, for example household budget. You can continue to learn every financial topics so you can be more clever in managing finances.
  8. Have Financial Interest
    Failing to create a financial plan that is clear then you are hard to achieve financial freedom. If you want to have a great business then you begin to create your own company. Additionally, if you want to become an investor then learn to choose the right investment opportunity and grab the opportunity as soon as possible.Only with a clear financial plan so you can identify your best ability. The financial plan is also helpful to keep you motivated to live life and live a life according what you dreamed.
  9. Network Marketing
    Network marketing requires a small fee to get started is different from the business requires substantial investment. You need to invest a lot of money and time to create a new business. You can start with the network marketing to practice business skills and basic steps you to move from ordinary employees become major employers. Network marketing is one way to achieve financial freedom. Network marketing will continue to give you income even when you are sleeping or traveling the world.
  10. Simplify your life
    The world is increasingly complicated by the day with a wide range of pressure to get as much money – much. The need for money will interfere with your life so that eventually you lose the spirit and falling into poverty. Therefore, you need to simplify your life to think openly and loose various obstacles in your mind.The key to financial freedom is very easy to change your fixed income into passive income or portfolio income. With this principle, you will be easy to achieve financial freedom.