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Earning a Little Extra Cash from Home

We all love being at home, don’t we? Nothing beats that feeling of putting your feet up once you walk through the door after a long day at the office, or staying in bed for an extra hour at the weekend when there’s nowhere you urgently need to be. Many of us wish we had the luxury of spending a little more time at home, but the reality of life often requires that we go out to work 40 hours a week. On the other hand, those required to stay at home, perhaps for reasons of childcare or sickness, can often feel that they’re missing out on all the world has to offer. It can be particularly hard to justify allowing yourself some little treats if you’re not earning, or perhaps you are earning, but are saving up for something special, and as a result spend your time at home quietly resenting that you had to decline the invitation to go out for a drink tonight.

Earning money from home can be difficult, especially if you’re looking to completely fund your lifestyle. This article is by no means offering advice on how to become self-employed or to become reliant on earnings you can accumulate from home. Rather, just as it says on the tin, we’re talking about earning a little extra cash from home; just enough to allow yourself those little treats that you might not otherwise be able to justify.

The idea here is paid surveys. Again, these are exactly what they say on the tin. Online surveys platforms such as Crowdology offer people to opportunity to participate in market research by carrying out a huge range of surveys for many different brands. As well as being able to voice your preferences and opinions, the biggest advantage here is that you can easily do them from home, on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. So if you’re home on a Saturday, wondering if you can justify going out for a drink in the evening, taking a few minutes to complete a survey for cash will satisfy you with a resounding ‘yes’. Equally if you’re a stay at home Mum looking for an excuse to meet a friend for coffee, visiting Crowdology’s website should give you the confidence to go for it without fear of the impending eyeroll you know you would otherwise get upon your hard-working husband’s return home.

When money is tight, earning a little extra to fund a few small treats can be hugely comforting. Paid surveys are a great way to do this, especially since they can be done from home, or wherever you are for that matter!… Read the rest

An Air Compressor Company that Appreciates Customers

When you are looking for an air compressor distributor, you want to choose a company that has been in business for many years and has an established clientele. They should have reliable engineers and service technicians that are experts in the industry. They need to provide you with air compressors, filtration systems and rental equipment. They must be available for consultations and provide free quotes to prospective customers.

They need to provide you with the most exclusive products that consist of rotary screw compressors and reciprocating compressors. The rotary screw compressors should be oil flooded, oil-free and consist of single or two stages. The reciprocating compressors need to consist of single acting, double acting and vacuum systems. They need blower packages, centrifugal packages and custom engineered packages. You want equipment that is lubricated with climate control and robotics included.

Your company should have a wide range of items and sell other manufacturers products as well. They should have products by Becker, BOGE, KAESER and SULLIAR. They need to provide you with repair service for all types of machines and devices. The filtration systems that they offer need to consist of refrigerated systems that are cycling and non-cycling with variable speeds. They must have twin tower regenerative equipment that is heatless, externally heated and blower purged.

In addition, your air compressor supplier must have equipment that is single tower blower purged, air cooled and are water cooled after colors and heat exchanges. They need filters, regulators and lubricators. The drain valves need electric timer drains, float types, mechanical and electric zero loss drains. You will need oil and water separators, breathing air purifiers and mist eliminators too. The accessories must include aluminum piping systems with couples, blowguns and hoses.

Additionally, air dryers new kensington pa will supply you with sturdy hose reels and closed loop cooling systems. They must provide you with parts that are not easily obtained and locate difficult pieces. They need to provide you with rental equipment for the long and short-term. They must provide you with electric and diesel air compressors upon request. You want a company that can offer all the parts you need for dryer systems, air receiver and air hoses.

The company that you choose needs to have an unlimited amount of equipment and offer aluminum piping systems, oil and water separators, electric drain valves and nitrogen generators. They must have engineers that are qualified to repair and install their machines efficiently and safely. The technicians that they employ must be experienced in sales and design too. You want a well-trained staff that has expertise in all areas of the company.

You want a company builds relationships with their customers and keeps them up to date with mergers and transformations. They need to provide you with high-quality service and equipment. They should value your patronage and have a customer service agent that treat you with respect. Overall, you want a company that can fulfill your needs and provides you with dependable equipment.

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Hiring Criminals: Banning the Box

Does your corporation Ban-the-Box? The Ban-the-Box law bans the box on job applications that asks if the job applicant has been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony. The removal of the box gives job applicants a chance to be considered for employment based on their resume, qualifications, and employment history before their criminal record is addressed.

Ban-the-Box is a law that removes the box on job applications that asks the job applicant if they have a criminal record. Without the Ban-the-Box law, when the applicant checks the box then their chances of being immediately disqualified is very high. The Ban-the-Box law prevents discrimination and gives the job applicant the opportunity to prove they are a viable candidate. Let’s take a closer look at the Ban-the-Box law.

The Ban-the-Box Law

The purpose of the Ban-the-Box law is to prevent discrimination and give the job applicant with a criminal record a much better chance of getting hired. According to the National Employment Law Project (NELP), 150 U.S. cities and counties including 31 states now enforce the Ban-the-Box law. Job applicants with criminal records are deemed qualified first before subjecting to a criminal background check. Employers are now performing the criminal history check later in the hiring process.

Ban-the-Box Law Restrictions

Employers must also abide by additional requirements and restrictions that are included in the Ban-the-Box law such as:

  • Employers cannot ask about dismissed history, arrests, or sealed records
  • Employers must wait until after the first interview or after a conditional offer is made to discuss criminal history
  • Employers must consider whether the criminal offense(s) are related to the job they are applying for
  • Employers must take into consideration how long ago the crime occurred
  • If the conviction affects job performance, the conditional offer may be withdrawn
  • Employers must evaluate each criminal record on a case-by-case basis

Why Ban-the-Box?

According to a New York Times Family Foundation poll, “Men with criminal records account for about 34 percent of all nonworking men ages 25 to 54.”

These ex-offenders face reluctance from employers to hire them because of their criminal history. Not only does criminal history interfere with getting hired, there are certain jobs that are lawfully off-limits.

According to the National Employment Law Project, “nearly 65 million Americans have some variety of criminal record”. These are adults of working age that are not contributing to the economy or workforce due to stigma, discrimination, and/or laws.


Four states (Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Michigan) have unbanned the Ban-the-Box law. Employers don’t want to hire criminals even if some of the applicants have been convicted of minor crimes. The average criminal has committed violence and/or has antisocial behavior.

Is this behavior an indication of future actions? Are they repeat offenders?
According to Brookings Institution,” about two-thirds of released prisoners are rearrested within three years.”

Employers want to hire employees that are qualified and have a clean criminal record. The presence of a criminal history is an indication that the job applicant will no longer be considered for employment. The Ban-the-Box law gives the applicant a chance to be hired based on qualifications and experience before their criminal record is addressed.

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F1 Pro Offers You a Wide Trading Platform

F1Pro is one of the market leaders in online trading. The company has gained a reputation after many investors became extremely profitable for trading via the platform. Nevertheless, the company disclaimer states that you need to do your own research and learn about markets so that in case you make a loss you do not blame the management. Despite the warning, it is clearthat if you gain sufficient knowledge and later trade in the platform you stand many chances of succeeding

Trading Specifications


There have been expansions in F1 Pro where the company plans to include more than 150 shares to its portfolio. These shares will be from France, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States. The more symbols offered at the shares section in the company is also accompanied by the improved conditions that have no commission fees. Customers are allowed to buy a minimum of 1, 000 shares, and a cap of 1000 trade is applicable to all shares. The company also has put a maximum amount of shares that each account can have.

The shares that you trade in at F1 Pro are a reflection of the actions that take place inside the companies that own the shares; consequently, you are entitled to dividend payments whenever those companies are profitable. At the same time, you bear some dividend charges when the companies make losses. The margins of the company payments take up to five days and the maximum number of shares allowed in an account is also subject to change during that time. However, positions that existed before the change are not affected, but the company makes certain that the proper communications are made concerning the shares. The advantage of trading shares at the is that they have a wide number of shares that belong to the top companies in the globe. The use of the MT4 platform to trade the shares also makes trading easier.


F1Pro Company as well trades in precious metals such as gold and silver. These are highly profitable because of the high demand and limited amount of the metals. The prices have been on the rise as in the past 6 years the price of gold has risen from $400 per ounce to $2500 per ounce. The above was due to the metal’s usability as a microchip in the computers and others such machines. Gold has high conductivity level; therefore, it has high demand since the discovery was made. The ability of the metals to survive during economic hardships also makes them highly sought out among the leading investors.

If you desire to trade in precious metals, the company is a good stop since they have a range of accounts on MetaTrader 4 and Sirix trading platforms. Moreover, you are offered a wide variety of trade tools, allowing you to make wise decisions regarding trading. The fact that there are no commissions or fees charged to transact is more reason why you should take advantage of the opportunity. A charting system that is available to the beginners is available; it allows the users to visualize the recent market activity.


One can also trade spot energies at as a way of diversifying their portfolio and gaining exposure to many financial markets. Some of the spot energies markets that one can choose from are natural gas, spot WTI, and Brent oil. These are mainly chosen by traders, who have an interest in short term trading. As the energy consumption rises, so do the values of the energies. Good thing is that you get a chance to trade in a demo account before you take on a real account.… Read the rest

Practical Insurance Provides Benefits in Urban Business Districts

The process of running a business in an urban district can be challenging because many things can impact sales during important projects. However, since insurance options for various situations are available, you can easily resolve problems that could affect how typical business tasks are handled. Although there are multiple insurance solutions that benefit a variety of business, you may want to invest in a policy that has terms specifically for crime and property damage if your store is located in a risky spot in an urban district.


In urban areas, crime is usually a problem because most businesses have vulnerable spots where criminals can easily invade. Security tools can reduce crime that typically happens in urban zones; however, some criminals may discover ways to harm businesses while prevention solutions are in place. Insurance polices that cover criminal acts are beneficial since they help businesses operate efficiently following situations that involve theft. If you pursue a policy that covers crime, always try to structure the terms base on the potential risks that could occur in your neighborhood.

Property damage is a big issue, so you should have a policy that will cover the cost of repairing problems that could affect sales. For example, if you run a restaurant business, spray paint on structures throughout your property can drive customers away, and very hazards paints can impact the dining experience if your restaurant has a patio. By pursuing an insurance policy with property damage terms, you can continue to run your business efficiently because you’ll have enough money to cover the repair costs.

Property damage insurance should also be considered if your urban community gets severe weather frequently. An average property damage insurance policy will cover damage that occurs during:

  • Rainstorms
  • Windstorms
  • Icy conditions

The process of picking a practical insurance policy that suits your business won’t be a hassle because many insurance options are available. Captive insurance companies and other agencies provide very beneficial service options that for stores, hotels, and restaurants. If you’re going to get a policy for your business, arrange a consultation strategically so that you can effectively select a policy based on specific needs.… Read the rest