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Finding the Right Refrigerated Van for Your Business A refrigerated vehicle is usually a must-have for businesses that have to transport goods at specific temperatures. Some food products, for example, have to be refrigerated to help extend their shelf lives. There are different types and designs of refrigerated vans today, so it is important that you choose correctly. Otherwise, you will have to pay a lot more than what’s needed, and that will not bring good to your businesses. Whether you intend to buy or rent a refrigerated van, you have to give the company as many details as you can so they can assist you in determining the most suitable type of van for your business, depending on its particular needs. In any case, here are tips that can help you choose the right refrigerated van: Temperature Requirement
A Brief Rundown of Trucks
The temperature for your refrigerated van will, of course, depend on the what specific items you will be transporting. For example, ice cream should be at -20 and frozen meat should be at least -15. If you’re transporting bread or cold meat, you would need just chilled operation at about + 2 or 3, which is like your home refrigerator’s temperature.
A Brief Rundown of Trucks
Chiller vs. Freezer Again, whether it’s a chiller or a freezer you require, it will depend on what kinds of goods you will be carrying in such vehicles. Some of them will let you split the temperature in the van so you can carry goods with different temperature requirements. Most vans come with dual compartments, which is an advantage if you have to transport different types of refrigerated goods. Defrosting Vans will usually defrost when you program it to defrost. Systems and kits may also be installed to help sustain a consistent temperature inside the vehicle. It’s good to pick a van with an automatic defrosting system. Overnight Cooling Some vans allow you to continue refrigerating your goods overnight not having to leave the engine running. This is a good way of keeping your food refrigerated at optimal temperatures. Pick a van that has this facility. Desired Length of Contract When renting a refrigerated vehicle, there are different contracts that you can choose from. You can usually rent a van daily, monthly, during weekends, on certain seasons and even long-term. It’s all a matter of knowing what your business needs. Also, your choice of a refrigerated van provider will definitely count. It’s always good to review two or three prospects so you can compare them. When you ask for details from every company, you have to provide them exactly the same set of specs. Otherwise, comparing would be useless. Finally, take note of the attitude of the van provider as you talk to them for the first time. Customer service may be a critical consideration. If you ever encounter problems with the vehicle you rented, you want the company to be responsive to your needs.

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